Self-Protection * Safety Skills and Self-Confidence for Women with Sheila Haddad

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Do you feel safe in your community, in your home, or going to your car? Can you protect yourself physically if the need arises? Can you protect your children? Can you speak out with confidence? If you answer no to any of these questions, then this seminar is for you!

Saturday May 31, 2014

Pathways Dojo/Santa Cruz Bujinkan
2800 South Rodeo Gulch Road
Soquel, CA 95073
P: 831-465-8236

In this 8-hour seminar you will access your personal warrior and develop the ability to use your warrior qualities. You will learn the psychology of violence and understand issues of power. In addition, you will come away knowing what assailants look for in a victim, how to not be a target, and tips for keeping yourself, your friends, and your family safe. You will learn the stages and aspects involved in assaults, as well as how to avoid serious and threatening situations by identifying ploys and tricks. Through a series of verbal exercises, you will develop assertiveness and de-escalation skills to deal with and neutralize potential confrontations. In building confidence to back up your verbal skills, you will learn a variety of physical techniques against an unarmed assailant.

This is an intense and very powerful course. Through a rigorous and supportive environment, you will learn more about yourself. This course will change your life.


Objectives for the Day

  • Trust your intuition
  • Develop awareness
  • Learn to make smart assessments
  • Confidence building
  • Understand issues of power
  • Learn self protection skills
  • Dealing with personal fears
  • Learn to handle verbal assaults and harassment
  • Learn early warning signs of trouble
  • Survival of traumatic-dangerous potentially violent situations
  • Develop a warrior mindset
  • Learn physical self protection skills

Sheila Haddad Instructor


Sheila Haddad teaches self defense workshops of all levels for girls, teenagers and adult women. In addition to the physical, Sheila focuses on the psychological aspects of trauma and abuse, broadening awareness, developing intuition and sensitivities for prevention purposes. Sheila is past Executive Board Member and Chairperson of the Association for Women’s Self Defense Advancement and a member and instructor of the National Women’s Martial Art Federation. She is also an active member, teacher and past event organizer for the Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists.

Sheila has been training and teaching martial arts internationally since 1989 and is a global keynote instructor. She holds high ranks in several Japanese combat style arts.

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Pre-Registration Required – Cost $95.00

Payment must be received 1 week prior to seminar!

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