Intro into Neigong with Dr. Tyler Cole

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August 24th 1-3pm

Santa Cruz Bujinkan/Santa Cruz Dance Studio, 2800 Porter St Soquel, CA 95073


$30 per person.

A sliding scale is offered on an individual basis

Tyler Cole Nie Gong 101 flier


Neigong, also spelled nei kung, neigung, or nae gong, refers to any of a set of Chinese breathing, meditation and spiritual practice disciplines associated with Daoism and especially the Chinese martial arts. Neigong practice is normally associated with the so-called “soft style”, “internal” or neijia 內家 Chinese martial arts, as opposed to the category known as waigong 外功 or “external skill” which is historically associated with shaolinquan or the so-called “hard style”, “external” or wàijiā 外家 Chinese martial arts. Both have many different schools, disciplines and practices and historically there has been mutual influence between the two and distinguishing precisely between them differs from school to school.
Nei Kung is an internal system of Chi Kung, employing slow, deep breathing and requiring a relaxed physical stance and mental attitude. (The external approach to cultivating chi is characterized by heavy breathing and rapid diaphragmatic exercises.) Nei Kung practice charges up the body’s energy. The effects in the initial Workshop are dramatic, and the profound extent of the training often becomes apparent as early as the first two weeks of regular practice.
Nei Kung has been refined, and handed down from Master to Master since the time of Yellow Emperor (2696–2598 b.c.e.). It evolved from the Taoists’ search for a way to rejuvenate and heal the body, to increase internal strength and energy.
There is a saying in China that if you pursue the Ch’uan (fighting technqiue) without practicing (Nei) Kung, when you reach old age you will not have anything to show for your efforts.

About the instructor: Tyler has studied kung Fu for 29 years, including Tai Chi, Shaolin, Shing Yi, and Bagua Chang. Tyler has a doctorate in Chinese medicine and 14 years of experience as a certified massage therapist, providing excellent therapy and high level instruction.

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