In 2010 I worked as a game designer for a start up social media outfit based in Redwood City.


Developed a prototype for the Sony PlayStation Portable and game design document with a small team in Santa Cruz culminating with a game pitch at Sony Entertainment.

About Gevo
GEVO is a 2-d action platformer presenting an evolving world that marches through the history of video games. As the player progresses through GEVO the world evolves and is stylistically constrained by the hardware platform it represents. Beginning in era 1 the world looks and sounds like games from the Atari platform. It has simple shapes, flat colors, and a very restricted sound complexity. Next, era 2 will be reminiscent of Super Nintendo games introducing textures, curved surfaces, and more realistic sounds. Lastly, the 3rd era consists of photorealistic graphics utilizing pen art and real sounds.

B.S. Computer Science: Computer Game Design

Graduated in 2008 from University of California Santa Cruz.